Elizabeth Wood, PhD

Elizabeth Wood is the co-founder and director of JURA Bio, Inc., an early-stage therapeutics start up focusing on developing and delivering cell-based therapies for the treatment of autoimmune and immune-related neurodegenerative disease. Before starting JURA, Wood was a post-doc in the lab of Adam Cohen at Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Physics. She began her PhD with Angela Belcher and Markus Buehler at MIT, and finished it under the supervision of Claus Helix-Nielsen at The Technical University of Denmark, Departments of Physics and Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has also worked at the University of Copenhagen’s SBiN Lab with Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, integrating computational methods with experimental studies to better predict RNA structure and to understand how the ability of proteins to change their shape helps modulate their function.

Wood is a visiting scientist at the Broad Institute, where she serves on the steering committee of MIA. Since 2019 she has served as the primary organizer of the NeurIPS Workshop Learning Meaningful Representations of Life. She currently serves on the board of Pure Home Water Ghana and as sponsorship co-chair for Women in Machine Learning.

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